A 6 month program for teams of 20 soldiers with 20 mentors – having one on one mentorship to help the wounded soldiers set their own targets, find jobs, get exposed to interesting businesses opportunities and more.

Makers for Heroes

6 month project ending in a peak of an exciting three-day event where the community and the technological world come together. Teams of “makers” (engineers, programmers, designers, doctors, and physical therapists) join forces to build technological solutions never before seen on the market for disabilities specific to the 15 soldier participants of each event. In 2018 and 2019 the event is produced in partnership with TOM: Tikkun Olam Makers.

HR Forum & Employment Center

A forum of HR managers and business owners from different fields who are helping our community members to find their next job. The forum helps the soldiers by preparing them for interviews, open doors and following up on them once they start working. Since 2014 we have had some great successes with matching jobs to our members, and in 2019 we are planning to expand this activity and help more soldiers find their suitable job.


A 3 month program in which we send selected injured soldiers to work with top companies in the USA and in Israel. The fellowship gives a unique opportunity for the soldiers to learn from the best executive in the world and gives mentors and corporates the opportunity to help the soldiers

Alumni Trip

Once a year (October) we host an alumni trip inviting past and current participants of the mentoring program. The 2-days trip includes networking activities and workshops with content aimed at keeping both injured soldiers and the mentors motivated and engaged and at leveraging the alumni network.