Our AIPAC Exhebition & Delegation

During Makers for Heroes, we invite foreign delegations to participate, there we build solutions for US wounded veterans as well. This started from the idea, that every injury, despite the country you were injured on behalf, is universal. Thus, the sharing of the experience of an injury with other countries made this project more meaningful.
Therefore, we’ve been invited by AIPAC to present our organization at the AIPAC PC, having a video of our activities with spotlighting the Israel-US connection on the main stage and having an exhibition in the village.

Our Delegation

One of Restart’s missions is to raise the awareness of the challenges wounded soldiers deal with on a daily basis. This year we’ve decided to bring along a delegation of wounded soldiers and mentors who participated in our programs, to spread the word and expose the community to their issues. This makes them use the tools and skills they’ve required during our programs and empowers them through the interaction with the policy conference participants, representing IDF wounded soldiers in this big opportunity.