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Michael Tzur - Negotiating

Jun 24 2020

Michael Tzur 

Lawyer Michael Tzur is an international expert on negotiation, conflict management, and crisis management as well as the founder of the first program of its kind in the world to study negotiating.

For over two decades, he has been teaching this in leading academic settings in Israel and around the world.

He has been a lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for 22 years in the Faculty of Law, Business Administration, Ex.mba.

Michael lectures in Master's Programs in Minnesota, New York, Milan and Tbilisi.

He is also a member of international negotiating teams.

Since 1999, Michael has been a member of the General Staff Negotiation Team and for the past two decades has been involved in various affairs related to negotiation, terrorism and bargaining attack situations.


The purpose of the workshop: Improving and empowering negotiation skills, knowledge and tools that can be used to guide and conduct you in today's demanding realities: ever-changing data, limited internal and external resources, and the limited patience and tolerance of all negotiating partners.

The workshop focuses on up-to-date tools developed in recent years, to cope with the effective and efficient management of various situations in a changing environment and dealing with challenging realities in a chaotic world.