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Omer Kalderon, Yael Man Shahar - Networking

Jun 24 2020

Omer Kalderon

Connects people with ideas. Builds, cracks and leads communities for over a decade. After a two-year mission on behalf of the Jewish Agency in Cape Town, he returned to Israel and established a number of online and on-life communities (including several TEDx events and the Midburn community). After completing his Master's degree in International Relations from the Hebrew University, Omer worked as a CMO for several startups and then as VP of Experience, Impact and Community in the Selina Hotel Network.

Omer is currently co-founder and CEO of The White Elephant, a place of art, education and social work, which will be set up at the new Central Station in Tel Aviv.


Yael Man Shahar

Yael Man Shahar, a well known lecturer with a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in organizational consulting, began her career as a radio lecturer and broadcaster in the field of technology psychology.

Born in Ra'anana, Yael lived for many years in Toronto, Canada and was exposed to many cultures and the effects of technology on our lives.

Yael has developed numerous listening techniques that help administrators, sales people, teachers and anyone who wants to advance in their personal and professional lives in a world of beeping, buzzing and screen addiction.



The purpose of the meet-up is to learn approaches, perceptions, and skills that teach how to develop my network of connections and, in addition, to strengthen and expand it to be effective. Networking is a skill, it's the ability to get out of the computer and look for information in people, learn to develop relationships that might help me in the future, maybe promote me or help me promote myself.