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Yael Man Shahar - The Art of Attention

Jun 24 2020

Yael Man Shahar

Yael Man Shahar, a well known lecturer with a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in organizational consulting, began her career as a radio lecturer and broadcaster in the field of technology psychology.

Born in Ra'anana, Yael lived for many years in Toronto, Canada and was exposed to many cultures and the effects of technology on our lives.

Yael has developed numerous listening techniques that help administrators, sales people, teachers and anyone who wants to advance in their personal and professional lives in a world of beeping, buzzing and screen addiction.


The Art of Attention

How can I ensure that the person in front of me is attentive to me?

After all, without full attention, me or the information I present in the conversation will not be remembered.

← Did you happen to have a conversation with another person and during the conversation did you feel that the person facing you is not attentive to you? Has it happened recently?

← So, there is something to do! The Art of Attention is a method that helps get others' attention when we need it in extremely important situations, such as: a job interview, a business meeting with a client, presenting ideas for a boss, dating and more.

← More and more people are reporting a feeling that the world is less attuned to each other than it used to be. The incessant beeps from the smartphone and the many warnings that pop up on the computer make the task of “listening attentively” difficult.