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Shiri Sela - Strength Finding

Jun 24 2020

Shiri Sela

Shiri Sela, an organizational consultant and mentor with extensive experience in business strategic analysis and guiding CEOs and managers in decision making alongside the use of diverse tools from the consulting and guidance world. Shiri is an expert in finding strengths that allow everyone to realize their maximum potential and personal happiness.


Strength Finding

Strength finding is a world-wide, scientifically-based concept (a huge study of over 2 million subjects) that holds that the ability to develop and succeed lies in finding each person's personal strengths and their frequent, focused and fun use to achieve their goals and bring extraordinary results.

The model was developed by the Gallup World Institute by veteran researchers in the field of positive psychology, and is a practical tool for anyone.

The purpose is to identify where you have the greatest potential for building strength. It measures the 34 themes of talents discovered in the Gallup Institute's Excellence Study. The profile shows the 5 main themes of talents. Every theme - a recurring pattern of thinking, feeling or behavior - is a chance to develop strength. A theme in itself is not good or bad, it is simply a repetitive pattern that can be nurtured or wasted.

Before attending the workshop, each participant will receive a personal code for an online exam which they will fill and bring their results to the meet-up.

The book "Now Discover Your Strengths"  in Hebrew, details the 34 strengths and adds additional knowledge and support for the workshop's content on how you can realize yours and those around you's potentia.

At the meeting, after a short theoretical section we will mainly deal with:

The analysis of the participants' strengths mix - how can each influence and establish relationships through their strengths, and opens a window for career and personal life in a different aspect and unique language.

The uniqueness of this encounter is that it does not teach what needs to be done or improved ... it points to each person's wonderful abilities and creates pride and a sense of worth!