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Team Hilal - To walk without crutches

Jun 30 2020

Team Hilal

38 year old Hilal Bisan joined the Israel Prison Service to follow in his brother’s footsteps after he was killed in the Carmel disaster. Hilal was severely injured in a shooting incident which took place in the Rimonim prison in 2014. Currently, Hilal suffers from pain in his damaged left leg, lack of control of his hands, and walks with crutches.


Challenge #1: To walk without crutches

Since his injury, much to Hilal’s dismay, he has had to walk with crutches. Ideally, Hilal would like to find a better solution for moving around which would relieve him from the inconvenience of use of crutches. Existing splints have proven ineffective in the quest to alleviate the pressure from Hilal’s foot.