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Team Amit- Carry his Bicycle

Sep 21 2020

Team Amit

Amit Hasdai, 36, Married + 2. In 2020, Amit was severely wounded during an operation in Kalkilia. He was shot in his neck, his artery was hit which resulted with no oxygen to the brain. Since then, he suffers from being paralyzed in his right side of the body and his left hand.

Amit is a Paralympic hand cyclist and hopes to participate in the Olympics in Tokyo.

Challenge: Carring his Bike

Amit competes in many competitions globally, which he attends with his personal bicycle. There is no way for him to carry his bike independently without the help of others. It usually takes 4 people (!) to carry it. He is looking for a solution that will protect the bike during flights and will be easy and comfortable to carry by himself.