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Team Shimon- Walk Independently

Sep 21 2020

Shimon Ifrach, 32 from Kiryat Shmona. In 2016, he was critically injured during a rescue operation of soldiers. Shimon was shot in his pelvis which resulted with damage to many blood vessles and nerves. Today, Shimon is paralyzed in his left leg and still going to rehabilitation.

Challenge: Walk Independently 

Due to his injury, Shimon has no control over his left leg. When he walks, he steps on his right leg and together with his hip and crutches he swings his left leg forward. This is not comfortable and causes a lot of pressure on his right side. He is looking for a solution which will enablehim to walk without these limitation.

Shimon's project is being supported by the Elad Elyashiv Foundation, in memory of Elad Elyashiv, which fell during his military service. Read more about Elad and the collaboration here.