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Team Yaron & Asi- Boxing Safely

Mar 23 2021

24 year old Yaron Mizrahi currently resides in Jerusalem. Yaron has been an avid sportsman from a young age, he is a licensed CrossFit and martial arts instructor, a black belt in Taekwondo, and a former member of the national team. During his service in the IDF's Golani Brigade, Yaron was injured from a falling stretcher with a soldier on it. As a result of the injury, Yaron developed CRPS, resulting in severe pain not allowing him to properly participate in sport activities.

30 year old Asi Mekonen currently resides in Jerusalem. Asi served in the Givati Brigade, graduated Commanders course, and a month before his release suffered a head injury. As a result of his injury, he was left visually impaired and deaf in his right ear. Athleticism and sports have always been a big part of Asi’s life.

Asi and Yaron met in India during project “Tiyul Shichrur” and connected deeply. When they understood that both missed sport activities- they decided to start boxing together.


Challenge: Boxing Safely

Yaron and Asi are looking for a solution for them to box together while overcoming each ones unique challenges:

Asi has Tunnel Vision, narrowing his spectrum of sight, and the pain caused by Yaron’s CRPS denies him to take an active physical role in Asi’s training.