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Team Nadav- Communication with the World

Mar 23 2021

Team Nadav

32 year old Nadav Shmueli was born and raised in Nesher.

As a child, Nadav was a competitive basketball player.

At the age of 18, he was recruited to an elite Intelligence unit. During his service, Nadav was severely injured in a devastating car accident and fell into a year and a half long coma. Nadav woke from the coma and has been in intense rehabilitation ever since. In light of his severe injury- Nadav suffers from paralysis in the left side of his body and loss of speech capabilities.


Challenge: Communicating with the world

Nadav hears and understands everything, but cannot communicate well. Nadav communicates by writing on a board or tablet and by raising his hand and leg to signal yes and no. Nadav, his family and his caretakers are looking for a solution to enable him not only to respond - but to initiate contact with his surroundings as he used to.