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Team Yehonatan- Rock Climbing arm brace

Mar 23 2021

30 year old Yehonatan Mordechai Koskas currently resides in Tel Aviv.

Yehonatan is in the midst of his MBA in Mechanical Engineering, and enjoys sports and hiking in his free time. He served in the IDF’s Armoured Tank Division and was injured at the age of 19 from an explosion during training. In the explosion, Yehonatan was injured in his right palm and elbow. Today, in spite of his injury, Yehonatan joined the popular sport of rock climbing, to overcome both fear and disability.


Challenge: Rock Climbing arm brace

Yehonatan suffers from chronic and neurological pain in his elbow, but his fingers were most affected. He is searching for a solution to support his hand while climbing, and keep his fingers clamped or opened when he chooses- in a safe and effective way.