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Team Amit- One Handed Saxophone

Mar 23 2021

69 year old Amit Geller is married to Orah, and has 9 grandchildren from their 3 children.

In 1969 Amit enlisted in the IAF Pilot Course and from there to the IDF’s Armoured Tank Division as a Platoon Officer. A year after his release he got married and the Yom Kippur war broke out, in which he partook as a Platoon Officer for two weeks in Sinai and Egypt. One day before the first ceasefire, Amit was injured from enemy artillery, amputating his right arm at the shoulder. Within a number of weeks he was fitted with a prosthetic arm and was released home to start a new life. A life with one arm.

Throughout the years, he has continued to participate in extreme sports, musical instruments, traveling the world and enjoying his family time.


Challenge: One handed saxophone

Amit played a number of different musical instruments before his injury, but he misses the saxophone the most. After attending an inspirational concert of a one handed saxophone player, Amit became determined to play as well, and is looking for the right solution for him.