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Team Moran Barashi- Designed Neck Brace

Apr 06 2021

Moran Barashi was a K-9 Handler in the IAF in 2009. She is currently a second year student for industrial design in Hadassah College, and a technician in a veterinary clinic. 

Back in 2009, while on patrol in Palmachim base, the vehicle she was riding in flipped over. Moran woke up in the hospital and underwent rehabilitation for two months. She has a neurological injury in her neck causing ticks and constant pain throughout her body.


Challenge: Designed neck brace

Due to the nerve damage in her neck, Moran uses a neck brace. Her problem stems from the fact that the braces available in the market today are created to be functional and not necessarily comfortable to walk around with all day. The neck braces are not easy on the eyes either. Moran is searching for a neck brace which will not only protect her neck, but will be both comfortable and not draw embarrassing attention to her in public.