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Team Dror- Bassinet Connecting to a Wheelchair

Apr 06 2021

Dror Kandelshen is happily married and lives in Moshav Mishar.

Dror works in the marketing department in Teva and used to serve in the combat engineering corps. About two weeks after returning from a post-army trip, the Second Lebanon War broke out and Dror was drafted into the reserve and entered Lebanon. While in the preparation area, with all the chaos around, one of the soldiers started firing from a panic attack, from which Dror was hit by a bullet in the head. For seven months Dror was in a Coma, underwent several head surgeries and began to wake up. Almost three years after his injury, Dror was released from the hospital and has since continued his rehabilitation process.


Challenge: Bassinet connecting to a wheelchair

Dror moves around in a wheelchair, and is about to be a father for the first time! He is looking for a solution that will help him take care of the baby. It is very important for Dror to take part in the parenting chores and responsibilities, and he would like a detachable and comfortable bassinet for the baby, connecting to his chair.