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Team Koral- An Accessible Musical Instrument

Apr 06 2021

22 year old Koral Kadosh-Abramson was born and raised in Ashkelon.

Prior to enlistment, Coral loved driving and swimming in the sea. She enlisted in 2017 as a Search & Rescue fighter in the Home Front Command. During her service, Coral collapsed and was in a coma for a month and a half, as a result of a blood clot blocking an artery between the heart and lungs, preventing the reach of oxygen to her head.

Coral is undergoing a rehabilitation process that continues to this day, with the goal of returning to independent functioning. She is visually impaired, moves around in a wheelchair and deals with paralysis in both arms.


Challenge: An accessible musical instrument

Coral really loves music and would very much like to play on her own, but the lack of sight and paralysis in her arms make it difficult for her to do so. Coral is looking for a solution that will allow her to play and create music despite her physical limitations.