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Team Noi- Back to Baking

Apr 06 2021

29 year old Noi Saraf Avraham is happily married and has a dog.

Noi loves to read and draw, and has a degree in medical science. She completed 4 years of military service in the 8200 intelligence unit as an officer and has received a medal of excellence for her service.  

Noi was injured in a car accident in 2012 and has been suffering from a nerve-muscle disease ever since. Following the injury, Noi has a hard time with endurance and has been using a walking stick on days with pain. It is very difficult for her to remain standing for long periods of time. 


Challenge: Back to baking

Before the military, Noi used to bake at least once a day. The challenge for her is to stand for a sufficient amount of time in the kitchen to make a delicious cake. Noi is looking for a solution that will support her in the kitchen, ideally in a standing position, so that she can continue cooking and baking despite the pain.