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Team Eitan- Flip Over in the Water

Apr 06 2021

39 year old Eitan Waks is a father of 2 and lives in Tel Aviv.

Eitan was injured 20 years ago suffering a neck injury, and remains paralyzed from the chest down. After the injury, he studied mechanical engineering at the Technion, worked in high tech and opened a patent office.

In his free time Eitan enjoys surfing, music production, cycling, traveling the world, reading and studying.


Challenge: Flip over in the water

Due to his injury, when Eitan swims in a pool or at sea, he is unable to turn over independently - from swimming on his stomach to swimming on his back. Eitan is looking for a solution that will allow him to turn around in the water in a comfortable and safe way and thus allow him to surf and enjoy the water with greater confidence.