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Team Shay- Wheelchair Lift

Apr 06 2021

Shay Levi, loves scuba diving and skiing.

Shay was wounded as a paratrooper during an operation in Lebanon, in which he took part in a number of difficult battles. After a long rehabilitation in the hospital, the emotional rehabilitation began, the daily struggle with his injury - the war after the war. Despite the injury, Shai recovered and has worked at a high-tech company for many years- not letting the injury limit him.

Today, Shai moves around in a wheelchair and is paralyzed from the waist down.


Challenge: Wheelchair Lift

In 2010, Shay founded S.D. Professional Sports Ltd. The company manufactures wheelchairs, basketball wheelchairs, rugby wheelchairs and hand bikes. Following his injury, Shay has difficulty lifting and handling the bicycles, and is looking for a solution that will help lift the equipment or lower the equipment from the workbench, with the option to rotate it on a hinge. This way he can work on  the wheelchairs without the help of others.