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Apr 12 2021

23-year-old Ori Zehavi currently resides in Petah Tikva. Technology and computers have always been a big part of Ori’s life. In his army service, Ori participated in a special project for the ICT corps, building VR simulations for combat soldiers. Ori is a gamer who won several competitions against gamers from all over the world. 

During his service, Ori had a severe spinal injury and is paralyzed from the neck down. Despite his injury, Ori believes he hasn't finished playing quite yet and will continue to achieve his goals- one way or another.         

Challenge 2: Custom game

Since his injury, Uri has not been able to return to playing FPS (first-person shooting) games, which he really liked and competed in. Due to his injury, Uri has difficulty controlling his fingers making it difficult to play a game that requires dexterity and control of many buttons at once. The challenge is to develop a game in a style that Uri likes which is based on mastering the means that Uri controls regardless of a "normal" person to produce a game with an even playing field in terms of abilities required to let Uri compete with people fairly.