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Mentoring Program #5

Jun 08 2020

We started our 5th mentoring program, sponsored by Bank Hapoalim. We had 20 new wounded soldiers meet 20 new mentors that are here to give a kickstart to these people's lives. It is so satisfying to end a program and two weeks later to start a new one.

Thank you Wix Hub for the incredible hospitality for the 3rd time in a row and to Susu & sons for the great (kosher!) burgers donation.

Second meet-up- Networking 

We had a great workshop! We learned practical tools for effective networking.

Thank you to Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer for the hospitality in your beautiful office, to Omer Kalderon for a fascinating workshop and to Yael Man Shahar for guiding the session from far. Thank you also to the Whiskey Bar & Museum for the generous whiskey donation.

Third meet-up- Goal Setting

We met for a great session where we learned the importance of setting personal goals, how to set them, and how to create a work plan towards achieving them. Gal Agadi was fascinating as always. Thank you to Google Israel for hosting us and giving us a tour of your office!

Fourth meet-up- Entrepreneurship

We had a great meet-up about entrepreneurship by Nevo Alva from Restarts board of directors. The session included practical tools and a review of the entrepreneurship world. Following, we split in to small groups where each group though of an entrepreneurial idea and pitched it to the rest of the group. 

Our annual alumni trip!

We went on our annual alumni trip to the golan heights!


We met early in the morning and started making our way up north. After a perfect breakfast, prepared for us by Ron Biala, we traveled all the way to the Golan Heights where we had an amazing VIP reception and tour at the Golan Heights Winery

Our next stop was at the Mitzpe Shalom lookout for a special sunset where refreshing fruit shakes from Papaya BAR waited for us.

By nightfall we arrived at Han Elal, for yet another special dinner that Ron prepared for us.

Following the amazing dinner, Yael Man Shahar delivered an inspirational talk to the participants and the great atmosphere continued till very late at night. What a trip!

Sixth meet-up- Body language

We had the most inspiring session, talking about the importance of “Body language” with the one and only Dorit Uziel!!!

We received tips for going to interviews, meetings, presentations etc.

We learned the importance of movement, gestures, wardrobe and aesthetics, and everything was delivered with such genuity and a great sense of humor.;) Thank you AT&T Foundry for the warm hospitality.

Seventh meet-up- The Art Of Listening

We were hosted by the Viola-Group for another session of our mentoring program. We started with an amazing workshop by the inspiring Yael man shahar who taught us the importance of the Art of Listening. We continued with simulations of different daily events and meetings which may occur with the one and only - Uri Gotlib. Now we feel prepared:)

Eighth meet-up- Negotiating

This time, we had a great session on "Negotiating in a challenging reality" by Michael Tzur of  Shakla & Tarya.

It was an inspiring lecture, we received tools for tight situations as well as daily ones.

Restart's 5th Mentoring Program came to an end.

For 6 months, 20 wounded soldiers and 20 mentors, gathered every two weeks for different workshops that gave the participants practical tools and guidance.

In addition, each mentor together with his assigned wounded soldier, met on a weekly basis. They worked together on setting personal goals, building a work plan and taking action to achieve them. It's obvious to say that this was all voluntarily!

This amazing experience inspired us all and we are grateful to all of the people who came together to make a real difference in wounded soldier's lives.

Restart will continue to their home.

Next stop- Mentoring Program #6!