Team Ben

Ben Shpitzer, lives in Nir Banim and served in the Golani Brigade. Ben was wounded during the “Cast Lead” operation in a fierce battle in Gaza and was the most severely injured soldier of the operation. 

Ben lost his right hand and suffered from a severe trauma to his head. He now struggles with his short term memory and has limited ability to grasp objects and perform various tasks independently. Ben has a permanent aid who assists with everyday activities and chores.

Challenge: To fly drones

Prior to his injury, Ben loved to fly model airplanes and drones and activate remote control cars. Followig his injury Ben gave up on his hobby. The challenge he faces is difficulty holding and controlling the remote control. Ben is now looking for a solution that will enable him to go back to doing what he loves despite his prosthetic right hand and the minimal movement of his left fingers. 

Team Roy

22 year old Roy Wildorf served in the paratroopers Brigade. He was injured in 2016 during an operation in Judea and Samaria. A large concrete block was intentionally dropped from a third floor apartment and fell directly on Roy’s right hand. Due to the injury, Roy suffers from severe pain and lacks the ability to straighten his arm.

Challenge: To get around independently

Since the injury, Roy has had to rely on his family and friends to get around. Roy is looking for a solution that will enable him to transport from one place to another without having to rely on others. As a result of Roy’s injury, he is unable to issue a driver’s license. Bikes and scooters aren’t an option since Roy suffers from severe pain in his injured arm when he rides on a bumpy road, and feels insecure riding with one arm in control. 

Team Doron

23 year old Doron Ganon lives in Kiryat Gat. She likes to hang out, make the most out of life, and expand her horizons. Doron was injured at the age of 19 in her neck, leaving her paralyzed in a wheelchair. Doron is interested in fashion, beauty and communications and advertising, Doron also likes to write during her free time and took courses in writing and makeup.

Challenge: To open and close makeup products

As a result of Doron’s poor function in her left hand she has had a hard time opening and closing makeup products and therefore cannot independently apply makeup on herself or on others. Doron is looking for a solution that would help her open and close makeup products on her own and which will enable her to independently apply makeup.

Team Shai

Shai Mishali served in the Artillery Corps. Shai was wounded on his way to visit his soldiers when a truck hit his vehicle. Shai’s driver was killed and he was critically injured, suffering from a severe head injury and multiple internal injuries. Today, after a long and extensive rehabilitation process, Shai (also known as a medical miracle) suffers from short-term memory loss, attention deficit and weakness in his left side. Shai receives a lot of help and support from his family and friends. 

Challenge: To cope with challenging situations in public

The head injury and loss of short term memory lead to many states of frustration for Shai when practicing day to day tasks. The frustration is occasionally expressed in behaviour which may seem exaggerated or inappropriate for someone who is unfamiliar with Shai’s situation. Shai is looking for a solution that would help him cope with these situations so Shai won’t feel embarrassed in public.

Team Yarden

29 year old Yarden Hershko lives in Tel Aviv. She loves being active, learning new things and traveling in Israel and around the world. Yarden holds a bachelor’s degree in criminology and is now starting her master’s degree in clinical criminology at Bar Ilan University. As a result of her injury, Yarden became paralyzed and is bound to a wheelchair.

Challenge: To track the "Camino de Santiago"

Yarden has a dream to do the “Camino de Santiago ” trek in Spain. Because Yarden is in a wheelchair she would like to complete this trek on horseback. Yarden is looking for a solution that will help her get  from the wheelchair to the horse and back to her wheelchair independently at any point during the trek. 

Team Haim

Haim Peleg served in the Armored Corps from 1977-1980. During his service he completed the tank commanders course. On September 5, 1978, his legs were caught between the turret’s during a training exercise. As a result, Haim suffers from a back injury which affects his entire lower body.

Challenge: To take picture steady

Haim loves photography and feels that he gains confidence from it. Following his injury, Haim experienced difficulty maintaining balance while standing, which is an essential component of photography. In addition, Haim has a hard time carrying heavy equipment. He is looking for a solution that will allow him to take his equipment everywhere and stand steadily no matter where he is.

Team Kobi

Kobi Lion is married with three children. He served in an undercover unit until it was disbanded in 1995, after which his team helped establish the elite “Egoz” unit. Kobi was severely wounded in Lebanon from a roadside bomb that also killed two of his friends. Since his injury Kobi has traveled, studied, worked in technology, and began competitive handcycling. Kobi is the Israeli national champion for a few years running and has won silver medals in the London Olympics. Currently Kobi is a bicycle trainer, life coach, and lecturer about his life story and self fulfillment

Challenge: To preserve his legs movement

As part of keeping his legs range of movement, Kobi practices a few times a day. His movement is to hard with the current devices and Kobi is looking for a solution that will help him practice well, being able to control his legs and movement and improve.


Team Hilal

38 year old Hilal Bisan joined the Israel Prison Service to follow in his brother’s footsteps after he was killed in the Carmel disaster. Hilal was severely injured in a shooting incident which took place in the Rimonim prison in 2014. Currently, Hilal suffers from pain in his damaged left leg, lack of control of his hands, and walks with crutches.

Challenge 1: To walk without crutches

Since his injury, much to Hilal’s dismay, he has had to walk with crutches. Ideally, Hilal would like to find a better solution for moving around which would relieve him from the inconvenience of use of crutches. Existing splints have proven ineffective in the quest to alleviate the pressure from Hilal’s foot. 

Challenge 2: To hold objects for a long period of time

As a result of his nerve injury, when Hilal holds objects for a period of time he experiences a feeling of ‘pins and needles’, which results in his hand opening involuntarily and the objects falling out of his hands. Hilal is seeking a solution which will enable him to hold objects over time without fearing they will fall. 

Team Sivan

29 year old Sivan Averbaya Levi lives with her husband and dog, and lives in Ramat Gan. Nine years ago she lost most of her eyesight while serving in the IDF as a medic and reservists instructor. Following her injury, Sivan discovered goalball, a sport designed specifically for athletes with a vision impairment. Sivan joined the Israeli women’s league, attended the Paralympic Games in Rio and continues to practice and compete nationally while she is studying business management.

Challenge: Goalball performance feedback

A very important part of goalball is throwing. Sivan trains a lot and aspires to improve, but lacks a way to assess her current skill performance independently. Sivan is seeking a solution that would indicate the speed and force of the ball according to the different ways of throwing it. The more accurate the indicator, the more Sivan will be able to improve her precision and overall performance.

Team Ynon

35 years old Ynon Cohen, was injured during his service in the Golani Brigade from an RPG. He lost both of his legs. Ynon had 35 surgeries. Today, Ynon runs, jumps, surfs and is very active. He holds a B.A in Political Science & Criminology and a Masters in Conflicts & Negotiation. He is a personal coach, a teacher and a lecturer

Challenge: Relief pressure from his damaged legs

Ynon stands a lot in front of audience. As a result of standing for a long time, Ynon suffers from pressure wounded in both of his amputated legs. He then releases one of his prosthetic legs to release the pressure. The release requires a stop in his lecture and is time consuming. Ynon is looking for a solution to relief the pressure easily

Team Zuriel

45 years old Zuriel Aliz, was injured in his head in 1992 from a side bomb the exploded during his way in Lebanon. as a result of his injury he is partially paralysed in his left side and suffers from chronic pain 

Challenge: To sit down independently

Do to his injury, Zuriel isn’t able to sit down by himself in short chairs or on a sofa. Today he does it by falling down, that results in damage seats. He is looking for a simple, mobile and light device that can help him sit down without ruining the seats

דרור קנדלשיין

Team Dror

Dror works in marketing. During the Second Lebanon War, Dror was called for reserves duty. Dror received a bullet in his head. He was in coma for 7 months and had several surgeries before waking up. After 3 years he finally left the hospital and continued his rehabilitation





Challenge: To sit down independently

Dror suffers from head trauma and short term memory loss. Therefore, he is struggling with scheduke and time management. He is seaking for a smart calendar that will allow him to control his schedule properly


Team Will

31 year old Will is a U.S. Army Purple Heart Veteran.  Will was deployed to Afghanistan as a Combat Engineer. Between 2011 and 2012 Will was involved in three separate IED blasts. The last explosion left Will with a Traumatic brain injury and crushed his right leg.  After multiple surgeries, complications, and infections Will’s leg had to be amputated above the knee. Due to Will’s injury he has a difficult time standing and using his prosthetic for long periods of time.


Challenge: To stand in the shower

As an active athlete, William often travels around the country and sleeps at hotels where the showers are not always wheelchair accessible or fit for his needs. William is looking for a solution that he will be able to take with him anywhere and that will enable him to independently and safely stand in the shower.

רעות רדנסקי תמונה

Team Reut

34 Year old Reut Radensky currently lives in Tel Aviv. She  used to be very active and athletic, loved to dance and surf. Reut was severely injured in her neck, leaving her paralyzed in a wheelchair. Besides physical therapy and rehabilitation, Reut is now writing a drama series and working in the field of Digital Marketing.



Challenge: To control her hand

Reut’s right hand is barely functioning but she has some movement from her shoulder. She is looking for a solution that will enable her hand to open and to lock her elbow without using her left hand.

Team Rey

Rey is a disabled U.S. combat veteran who served in Afghanistan and is now transitioning into civilian life seeking a new career in technology. After leaving his unit in California, he returned to his home state of Texas, and after several weeks of reconnecting with family and friends, Rey started looking for a new job and explore education opportunities.

Challenge: To prevent isolation among transitioning military

After spending 6 years in the military, Rey realized that his professional and personal networks back in Texas were very limited. This caused Rey stress because he could not find a new career opportunity and began to feel more and more isolated. Rey is looking for a platform which would enable him to connect and engage with fellow transitioning veterans in an easy, cost-effective way.

Team Shimon

32 years old Shimon Ifrah was severely injured during a rescue mission of soldiers. He was shot in his primary artery and in his hip. He is today paralyzed in his left leg. Shimon rides in hand bicycle and is expecting to start his studies next year.

Challenge: To walk by himself

Shimon can’t control his left leg. When he walks, he uses his right leg, hip and crutches to move it. He is looking for a solution that will enable him to move his left leg easily.





Team David

45 year old David, served in the French special forces, and lives in France with his family. During a parachuting incident David fell from a height of 20 meters and was severely injured in his back. Prior to his injury, David loved to surf, snowboard, and run. What bothers David most since his injury, is the lack of ability to carry his two daughters and to work painlessly.

Challenge: To work painlessly

David works as a mechanic and also loves gardening. As a result of his back injury, David has a hard time maintaining certain positions for long periods of time without feeling pain. David is looking for a solution that would stabilize his back while enabling flexibility, as well as a seat which would enable David to sit and work painlessly.



Team Amit

36 Amit was severely injured in his head during an operation. He suffers from damage in most of his body and today is paralyzed in his right side if his body and in his left hand. Amit rides on hand bicycle, winning many medals and is hoping to achieve his dream to qualify to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic games

Challenge: To carry his bicycle

Amit represents Israel in many competitions overseas. He needs to carry his bike to each competition. As of today, the only way to carry the bike is by 4 people and in a hard way. He is looking for a solution to carry his bicycle easily and efficiently






Team Karl

Karl Stewart Poole, lives in England and served in the Royal Air Force Policeman. Karl was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa and lost 30% of his eyesight and now has only tunnel vision. Karl worked mainly in the Leisure industry, until the effects of his condition started negatively effecting his work. Occasionally he can see long distance clearly but only a small area. 

Challenge: To navigate in busy places

As a result of Karls limited vision, when he walks around in busy places, he finds himself knocking into objects and people. These conditions have effected Karls confidence in being active,  in general day to day life and in gaining access to work. Karl is seeking a solution that would enable him to navigate independently and confidently in busy places.


Team Boaz

To be updated

Challenge: To do sports

To be updated 








Team Elay

To be updated

Challenge 1: To run

Before his injury, Elay was a professional competitor in running. Elay is still far from running and is looking to experience it in a different way.





Challenge 2: To be updated