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Makers for Heroes
Creating innovative solutions for challenges
of wounded IDF veterans

What is Makers for Heroes

A Factory for Dreams

In an annual 6 months program, we take challenges of different wounded veterans, build teams of makers around each challenge that aim to solve and find a solution to that specific dream. This exciting project end in a peak of a 3 day event, where the teams finish building the solutions and the wounded soldiers go home with the ability to do one thing they couldn’t do before.

Why We Do It


Imagine that you’re young, in your best fit. Suddenly, you get injured and lose the ability to do many things you were used to. We believe that by providing the opportunity to do one thing the soldiers couldn’t do before, we give them back the sense of capability


As being one of the leading countries in technology, we are leverage the technology and the empathy of the Israel & Jewish society to create never seen before innovative products for specific needs

Changing the Focus

In Restart, we aim to change the focus from the injury to actual life. In this kind of experience, you are able to stop focusing on your injury and start focusing in integrating in society through the volunteers and focusing forward in actual personal goals you have

Our 2019 Challenges

Team Ohad- Bicycle

Ohad Ben Ishay, one of the most severely wounded soldiers in operation “Protective Edge”. Ohad is paralyzed in his right side and his dream was to ride a bicycle independently. Thanks to his team from Elbit adjusted a bike to his needs and allowed him to do what he dreamed.

Team Dudi

Dudi’s left hand is nonfunctioning. His team built him a device that enables him to fish with only one hand. In the end of the makeathon Dudi even catched a fish!

Team Dror

Dror loves sports and wants does weightlifting professionally and correctly, but due to his injury, the sport puts strain on his back and right leg, which increases the risk of long-term damage. Dror is looking for a solution that will replace his regular walking brace, support his leg, and allow him to lift and load weights safely.

Team Barak

Barak is a paralympic rower. His team from Stratasys designed a special 3D printed device to overcome Barak’s disability in his leg that doesnt’t allow him to use his leg properly when he rows.

Team David Travadon

David is a French Army veteran. He has a hand amputee and does lots of sports. His only problem is with hard tools back at home. His team built him a prosthetic hand that is designed for operating hard tools

Team Katza

Michael was wounded in the first Lebanon war. He has a leg amputee and loves rock climbing. He struggles with his climbing due to the weight and type of prosthetic leg. His team designed a special leg for climb

Team Amit

Amit Dafni was injured in an accident during an operational activity. He is suffering from multiple system injuries and much physical Amit’s damage prevents him from holding his left hand stably and he is unable to properly hold his daughter. His team from Singer Instruments made him a special glove and brace for taking care of his daughter.

Team Veronica

Veronica Zvik was injured during her service as a Krav Maga instructor in the air force, and since has been confined to crutches. When Veronica walks her dog Jack, she sometimes has difficulty maintaining stability with her crutches and Jack’s leash while allowing both of them control and freedom of movement. Her team made her a special leash that helps her to stay stable during her walk with her dog.

Team Yehuda

Yehuda Persi was wounded when an anti-tank missile struck the jeep he was driving. Yehuda lost his eyesight and suffered a severe head injury. The challenge described by Yehuda as frustrating and difficult for him is pouring liquids that require exact measurement for various household tasks, such as cooking and laundry. The solution made for Yehuda was a mechanical device that measures the liquids for him and is easy to use.

Team Yosef

Yosef Abramson was wounded during operation “Protective Edge”, suffering from a severe nerve injury in his left hand. Yosef was a musician prior to his injury and dreamed to play the guitar again. His team made him a glove that reliefs his pain and gives him more movement when he moves his fingers. Yosef returned playing the piano after 5 years.

Team Amir

Amir is a paralympic badminton player after suffering from an injury in his leg during training as a paratrooper. His dream is to win the Tokyo 2020 Paralymic games. His team built from scratch a new special chair, reducing it’s weight by 40%.

Team Ohad- Music

Ohad’s second challenge was to play the piano again. His team from At&t Foundry & Amdocs developed a special bracelet that orders the piano what to play using nerve reading and muscle movement.

Team Arnon

Arnon is paralyzed in a wheelchair. His dream with his friends is to do a horseback riding trip in Mongolia. His team worked on a special saddle, designed to protect him from falling and from pressure wounds.

Team Inbar

Inbar is a hand amputee. He found out that he can’t ride on sharing electric scooter due to his lack of options to press the breaks. His team created a universal device, moving the breaks to his only hand and allowing him to ride safely, taking the device from scooter to scooter.

Team Itay

Itay’s dream is to deal better with his PTSD, which brings anger and panic attacks. His idea was to take body measurements that can alert to an app on his phone before the attack comes. The team built a bracelet based on sensors that does this function, allowing him to do any activity that help him prevent the attack.

Team David

David is suffering many years from CRPS. This syndrome keeps him with consistent impossible pain in both of his legs and lead him to be in a wheelchair. David only wanted to play baseball and other ball games with his kids. His team from the IAI designed a wheelchair armor that protects his legs from getting hurt.

Team Oren

Oren suffers from severe knee injury. He is a shooting and “Krav Maga” instructor, a job that requests lots of movement which is very painful to him. His team worked on a special electronic & mechanical brace that smoothes his movement and improves his pain. 


MFH 2016

MFH 2018

MFH 2019

Makers for Heroes was first initiated in 2016 by Restart, as we saw there are several daily challenges that wounded soldiers need to deal with. Most of these challenges are not life saving, but they are dreams these soldiers wish to overcome. As one of Restart’s mission, we were capable of building a large community of makers, technology companies and good people that gives their time to help these soldier do these things again and to fulfil their dreams. In 2018 we saw that an injury is something universal, and we brought delegations of wounded soldiers from foreign countries to participate as well. Through that, we created empathy across borders. In 2018 & 2019, we collaborated with TOM: Tikun Olam Makers in Makers for Heroes.