Mentoring Program


Restart was born on the need of wounded soldiers that find themselves in a different position in life than their friends that didn’t get injured. This creates a big gap between them to the outside world.

They need to recalculate their route and to restart their life.

For that we started the Mentoring Program- which helps them again set new personal targets and achieve them.


What is the Program?

A 6 month program for teams of 20 soldiers with 20 mentors – having one on one mentoring to help the wounded soldiers set their own targets, find jobs, get exposed to interesting business opportunities and more. The group meets every two weeks for a professional workshop in different themes with the best lecturers in the industry that gives practical tools for the participants

The Steps


Setting Personal Goals

Building a work plan

The Meet-ups

Strength defining

How to set personal goals

Body language reading

How to give a pitch of 60 seconds

The art of attention

Negotiation in our daily lives

Personal branding

CV & LinkedIn