A Factory For Dreams

Creating innovative solutions. Breaking boundaries together.

Restart Makers for Heroes is a 6 month program engaging volunteer teams of “Makers” (engineers, programmers, designers, doctors, physical therapists, etc.) who join forces to create innovative technological solutions that don’t exist on the market to help Israeli and foreign wounded soldiers overcome their disabilities and to make their dreams come true. The long months of planning culminate with our 3 day Make-A-Thon, a celebration of collective creativity, during which the technological solutions are produced, assembled and finalized.

Why We Do It

Sense Of Capability

Providing the soldiers and veterans with the ability to do even one particular thing they were not able to do since their injury offers a tremendously empowering experience and goes a long way to restoring a lost sense of capability.

Leveraging Innovation

Often referred to as the ‘Startup Nation’, Israel is a world leader in innovative technologies. It also boasts a unique combination between advanced capabilities and deep social solidarity, allowing us to leverage these unique opportunities to create never-before-seen innovative products.

Changing The Focus

We help wounded soldiers shift their focus from centering on the injury and what’s lacking, to focusing on life, breaking boundaries, reintegrating, and excelling.



Makers for Heroes was first launched in 2016 by Restart, as we recognized that wounded soldiers were often dealing with daily challenges that were in fact solvable.   Our solutions are not necessarily life saving, but they are definitely life changing. We make dreams come true. As one of Restart’s missions, we built a large community of a wide range of makers, technology companies and good people, who dedicate time to help our wounded soldiers and to fulfill their dreams. In 2018, we realized that injury is a universal experience, and expanded our Makers for Heroes program to sponsor and host delegations of wounded soldiers from foreign countries as well. Through that, we created empathy that crosses borders. In 2018 and 2019, we collaborated with TOM: Tikkun Olam Makers for Makers for Heroes.


Our Restart Makers Partners

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