The Covid-19 era has brought us all into quarantine and forced us to change our routine from face to face to the video virtual world. At that moment we realized we have to adjust ourselves and shifted our activities to Zoom and social media.

One of the opportunities that came was to strengthen our People@Restart alumni community.

We had 2-3 workshops or sessions a week, including professional tools and knowledge, and even workouts and concerts.


We had Dror Zicherman, alumni of the 5th Mentoring Program that gave us workout sessions everyweek.



Ron Biala, a senior mentor gave us 2 different cooking lessons



We had Einat Kadosh, Territory Manager of Israel at LinkedIn, that gave us a workshop of how to build and maintain a LinkedIn profile.


We had Einav Grossman, a Clinic & Sport Nutritionist that lectured about myths in nutrition.



Before Passover,we hosted Yosef Abramson, who participated in our Mentoring Program and in Makers for Heroes, there we designed a glove that enabled him to play the guitar again, for an acoustic concert.


You can watch his show here:



We had Sim Mekonen, an experienced Headhunter, to talk about finding jobs in the Coronavirus times.



We heard from Yael Man Shahar, a specialist of the Psychology of Technology, a top lecturer and part of Restart since it was founded, about different tools to get attention and successful meetings on Zoom or different video platforms.



We initiated a first NLP course at Restart in partnership with “Totzaot” College.


We had Maor Grinas, Head of Marketing at Forest Investment House about the stock market and making right decisions.


We learned from Adi Baroz, HR Manager at Zebra Medical about how to improve our CV and prepare for an interview.


We heard from Inbal Reichler, Founder of Wave-ability and participant in Restarts programs, to tell about her journey from Makers for Heroes 2018 where we designed a modified surfboard for surfing on her stomach to founding an organization that makes the water accessible for all people with disabilities.



And much more.

What’s certain is that we understood the power of the community and its ability to deal with complex situations.