Restart is a non-profit organization helping wounded soldiers from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to restart their life journey after physical and/or emotional trauma resulting from their mandatory service or reserve duty.



Restart empowers wounded IDF soldiers and veterans, employing the power of teamwork to facilitate physical and emotional life-affirming transformations. Our talented and dedicated volunteers join forces to guide the wounded soldiers to the next step, as well as to develop unique technological solutions, all specifically designed to address the soldiers’ particular personal needs and challenges. We help the veterans see their challenges as more manageable, even beatable. We believe that our methods and proven experience can help wounded veterans in Israel and around the globe

Our Programs

Our programs bring together wounded soldiers with volunteers from Israel’s innovative business and technology sectors. Both sides take full and active part in our programs, which require a mutual commitment to each other and the process as a whole.

A challenging program for breaking boundaries and getting out of the comfort zone. Ten powerful sessions in which the best facilitators give participants practical tools for writing a Ted-style talk based on their personal story and conveying it fascinatingly and compellingly at an unforgettable graduation event.

A mentoring program for pairs of wounded soldiers with individual mentors who help them define their goals and work towards achieving them. The group also meets for professional workshops led by the best speakers in the industries, who provide the participants with practical tools for their process and for life.

An empowering program. Makers for Heroes engages teams of volunteer “Makers” from a wide range of professions, including engineers, programmers, designers, doctors and physical therapists, who join forces to design and build innovative and practical technological solutions to help participants overcome their injuries and disabilities in ways previously unimaginable.

Restart’s alumni community. People@Restart provides ongoing activities, quality content and opportunities for our community, including professional and personal networking, as well as emotional support. Restart continues to support its participants as they take the next steps forward in their journey towards a fulfilling and productive life.

Our Partners

Makers for Heroes

We may not know them, but we owe them.