Mentoring Program #6

Mentoring Program #6

Restarts 6th Mentoring Program

Meet-up #1- Opening session

We began our 6th Mentoring Program!!

We enjoyed meeting everyone and are very excited to begin this journey together..

Thank you to Barak Nissan and Wix Hub for hosting, and to Pasta Basta for the delicious food!

Ready, set, go!

Meet-up #2- Defining Strengths

Our incredible Shiri Sela gave a session about personal strengths. In Gallup’s theory, each person has 34 strengths. The workshop’s purpose was to help each person understand which are his top 5 strengths and to guide him to focus on using them for achieving his\her goals.

Thank you Radware Israel for your great hospitality.

Meet-up #3- Goal Setting

This past week, our Mentoring Program met for a session in Goal Setting by Gal Agadi!!

Now that our mentors and mentees are paired, we learned how to set goals, big and small, long term and short term by using 3 different methods.

Thank you to Google Israel for hosting!

Let’s get to work

The Coronavirus outbreak is affecting everyone. We are adjusting ourselves to these times, so if we can’t interact face to face, we’ll do it via video!

Meet-up #4- Entrepreneurship

We had a great entrepreneurship workshop by one of our directors Nevo Alva. We had 38 participants and it was great to see everyone collaborating even though it was over Zoom.


Meet-up #5- Networking

Like we said, Corona won’t stop us. We met over Zoom for a networking workshop by Yael Man Shahar and Omer Kalderon!

Although the meeting took place on Zoom, we split into small rooms and experimented with the techniques learned.

It was engaging and instructive!


Meet-up #6- How to get your message across

Ariel Halevi, co-founder and director at Vayomar, hosted us for a virtual workshop! We learned the basics of getting your message across and practiced with the participants who taught us a lot!

It’s nice to have a bit of routine during this complex period.


Meet-up #7- Negotiating

We met with Michael Tzur from Shakla and Taria for a negotiation workshop! Sounds a little distant, but we learned how the topic is relevant for our day to day lives! We learned a lot! Thanks to Michael and Mor 🙂


Meet-up #8- Body Language

Our 6th Mentoring Program has been through a lot since we started. The first 3 sessions were

frontal and together, and then we had to move the rest of the sessions to Zoom. Thanks to Elevation Academy and Avi Snir we were able to have our first frontal meet-up yesterday since the beginning of the Corona outbreak!

Thank you to Dorit Uziel for an amazing session as always!

Looking forward to the next few sessions!


Meet-up #9- Simulations

We’ve decided to extend out 6th Mentoring Program due to the Corona virus outbreak and its effects on the program, and added a few extra sessions!

So we met in the open air of the Yarkon Park for a session by Yael Man Shahar and Gilad Hizkiyahu!

We simulated job interviews and random meetings and learned how to engage in conversation and leverage the opportunity!

We can’t wait for the next session!