Nevo Alva – Entrepreneurship

Nevo Alva – Entrepreneurship

Nevo Alva

I am an entrepreneur and CEO of Acumen, an AI product for managing large development teams.

I was in the military for about 9 years as an officer in the Air Force in a number of positions.

On the academic side, I did an MBA at Tel Aviv University in an entrepreneurial and technology management track.

I joined Restart about three years ago as a mentor on the Mentoring Program, it didn’t take much time and I fell in love with the people and programs. When you feel that you can contribute to such an important cause, the soul is filled with fulfillment and love. Naturally, I wanted to be more involved in the nonprofit and am now a director on the board of Restart.



Knowledge is power. Coordinating expectations is one of the things that makes the biggest difference between success and failure.

The goal of the Entrepreneurship Workshop is to give you an initial idea of ​​what it means to start a new venture, what the process looks like and what really matters.

In the workshop we will learn the structure of a company or venture, from how to start, to necessary cautions, why most ventures fail and of course we leave time to practice building a presentation on an imaginary (or real) idea, a short market research and frontal group presentation.

It is important to make it clear that a venture is not necessarily a startup company or even a business venture, almost every project in our life is a kind of venture.