Restart provides me the tools that enable me to help myself and succeed. Their support pushes me forward to help others who are dealing with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Itay Eliasian

wounded 2014

The mentorship program helped me tremendously because I was able to meet unique people in many fields whom only want to help. My partner and I began our journey with our project thanks to the mentors and the things we learned in the program that helped us to advance, improve, and create new connections.

Sharel Vaknin


I was injured during my military service, the injury left me paralyzed and bound to a wheelchair. I joined the “Makers For Heroes” Makeathon last year in the hope of returning to the water and surf. Restart organized a team of engineers and product designers that would help me fulfill my dream. We spent three days together planning the product in and out of the water. It was an amazing experience,



This project gave me confidence to drive in places that I avoided in the part, and thus helped me overcome yet another limitation. The ability to overcome the little things that comprise my day-to-day life is what changes my routine and allows me to beat my injury. It shows that wounded soldiers are not left behind and are lifted up to reach their full potential


WOUNdED 2014