Dorit Uziel – Body Language

Dorit Uziel – Body Language

Dorit Uziel

Dorit Uziel is one of the most prominent names in the circle of lecturers for non-verbal, personal and professional communications in Israel. Dorit enables the audience to take an active part in shaping their lives by receiving a practical and relevant toolbox that can be used for any communication and interaction.

Dorit is known for her excellent ability to identify what exactly needs work or change, in a way that will significantly improve your image and perception of others.

As an expert in body language communication, Dorit opens the door to a whole world of symbols and their meaning, which allows anyone to develop appropriate tactics for any given situation.


Body Language

What we broadcast to the environment is what the environment knows about us and so it judges us. The image we build for ourselves can have a big impact on our personal and professional future.

Developing our personal style may be an influencing element for decision makers.

What will we talk about?

  • The importance of first impression and ways of creating it
  • Tools for creating the right image for any purpose
  • Whatever nature doesn’t do, color does
  • Do we see ourselves as others see us?
  • Codes of business behavior – cultural and etiquette differences
  • What makes us memorable?

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