Our alumni community. People@Restart’s goal is to provide ongoing activities and opportunities for our community of wounded soldiers and mentors. We help wounded veterans meet and connect over high quality content to expand their network in order to find jobs and business opportunities. At the end of every Mentoring Program the alumni join the community, this is their next opportunity and step into productive lives. The wider network of mentors and participants of previous programs enables more opportunities, connections, valuable relationships and professional as well as emotional support.

The Opportunities


A wider network of mentors and participants of previous programs that enables more opportunities, relationships and support.


Opening doors to the future as well as guidance and support in finding jobs and entering the business world.


Ongoing activities, opportunities and meet-ups over high quality content, people, and relationships.

Our Latest Events

Mentoring Program #6

Restarts 6th Mentoring Program Meet-up #1- Opening session We began our 6th Mentoring Program!! We enjoyed meeting everyone and are very excited to begin this

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