Gal Agadi – Goal Setting

Gal Agadi – Goal Setting

Gal Agadi

Gal Agadi is one of the founders of Restarts Mentoring Program, he is an entrepreneur with a lot of experience, and worked for Google for 5 years in various positions including establishing and managing Google’s startup accelerator in Israel.

Gal also believes in constant learning and personal growth, he is a master and trainer at NLP and an avid fan of reading and learning psychology and personal development.


Goal Setting

The purpose of the goal setting workshop is to create clarity for participants about what they want to achieve during and after the program. In addition, during the workshop, participants will build a program that will help them achieve the goals they choose and collaborate with the mentor who will accompany them throughout the program.

The workshop is important and necessary in order to realize the full potential of the program.

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