Fuck-up Night at Restart

Fuck-up Night at Restart

On February 2020 we had our first community event with a theme of a Fuckup Night.

The concept is to bring successful people to tell about their fuckups in a funny way.

The idea is to give the participant the understanding that the road to success is failure.

It was both funny and inspiring!

Our speakers:

Avivit Mannet Klil- Co-CEO Oppenheimer

Nevo Alva- Director at Restart

Noam Maoz- CEO Blackboard Studios

Ron Jaworski- CEO Trinity Audio

Ron Biala- CEO Lehem Ham

Gilad Hizkyahu- Co-CEO Singer Instruments

Uri Gotlib- Comedian and Actress

The event ws hosted by Yael Man Shahar, a specialist for the Psychology of Technology and a leading volunteer at Restart


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