In Memory of Elad Elyashiv

In Memory of Elad Elyashiv

The Elad Elyashiv non profit organization was established to commemorate our son Elad, who died in a car accident during his military service.

Elad was known as a people person : his kindness and generosity drove him to help others and contribute to the community. It was only natural, therefore, that the charity fund honoring his memory carries on this legacy by contributing to society; hence, we saw fit to grant ‘personal souvenirs’ in our son’s name .

At the beginning of the journey, the fund granted scholarships to high school and university students in Jerusalem. In addition, community gardens, school libraries and hospital beds in Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem were donated in memory of Elad. In recent years the charity fund has been donating funds benefiting IDF soldiers, especially to Beit Halochem, and to the Zahal Disabled Veterans’ organization, in Jerusalem.

Collaborating with the MAKERS FOR HEROES project is another worthy cause we are looking forward to working with. The opportunity to contribute to the development of a technological product that will enable a struggling soldier to break out of  the cycle of disability and, instead, re enter the cycle of activity, has touched our hearts.

It is a great privilege to assist the MAKERS FOR HEROES team in building life-changing technological solutions, and enabling determined veterans to restore their physical capabilities and live a life without limitations.

And whoever saves a life in Israel, is considered as if he has saved an entire world.


Eti and Micha Elyashiv


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