Mentoring Program #7- In Partnership with Hapoalim Bank

Mentoring Program #7- In Partnership with Hapoalim Bank

We were proud to launch Restart’s #7 Mentoring Program. The atmosphere was incredible and the group seems very impressive. We were also lucky to get Bank Hapoalim as partners to this special program and are really appreciative of their faith in our cause.

‏We know these are difficult times, and that’s exactly why we believe that we have to move forward and support our wounded soldiers.

‏No one said it’s going to be easy, but we are flexible and ready to make this one of the best programs we had!

Meet-up #2- Using Personal Strengths

According to the Gallup Model, the ability of a person to develop and succeed is by detecting and using his or her personal strengths and leveraging them in order to achieve his goals.
We had our second Mentoring Program workshop at BE ALL, that even though this complicated time, agreed to host us.
The session was about personal strengths. The inspiring Shiri Sela showed us how when we use things we’re good in, we use less energy and do it faster and easier.
At the beginning of the meet-up, we had Samar Bashara, Head of Poalim in the Community, blessing us for the beginning of our program, as our new partner’s Bank Hapoalim representative.
Thank you to all volunteers and supporters, and thank you to all of our mentors!
Next stop- matching and setting personal goals


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