Team Amir & Oded- Collecting Badminton Balls

Team Amir & Oded- Collecting Badminton Balls

42 year old Oded Habshush was born and raised in Jerusalem.

Oded enlisted in the Givati Brigade, and during his service – was wounded by a bullet in a collision with terrorists in southern Lebanon at the Beaufort post. As part of the rehabilitation process, Oded was exposed to the sport of Badminton and began actively playing for Israel’s disabled team. Oded is a two time European champion in both singles and doubles. Today, he is a badminton coach for the disabled at the Beit Halochem in Tel Aviv.

Amir Levi served in the paratroopers division and was injured during a training session in which he fell dangerously from a mountain in the Golan Heights- carrying heavy weight on his back. As a result, he was severely injured in the spine and left leg. Amir is a Paralympic athlete and world champion who is currently in the midst of preparations for Tokyo 2021 in wheelchair badminton . Moves around mostly using crutches.

Amir and Oded got to know each other through the game of Badminton and became very close.

ChallengeCollecting Badminton balls

Badminton has intense and tiring training. In every training practice- there are thousands of balls scattered all over the court. A great deal of the trainees time is devoted to collecting the balls. Amir and Oded are looking for an easy and effective solution that will collect the balls and ideally – will also fit them directly into the storage sleeves. This will allow them to devote more time to their favorite game.


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