Team Ben- Fly a Drone

Team Ben- Fly a Drone

Ben Shpitzer, lives in Nir Banim and served in the Golani Brigade. Ben was wounded during the “Cast Lead” operation in a fierce battle in Gaza and was the most severely injured soldier of the operation.

Ben lost his right hand and suffered from a severe trauma to his head. He now struggles with his short term memory and has limited ability to grasp objects and perform various tasks independently. Ben has a permanent aid who assists with everyday activities and chores.

Eleven years after his injury, Ben got married and is on his way to starting a family.


Challenge: To fly a drone

Prior to his injury, Ben loved to fly model airplanes and drones and activate remote control cars. Followig his injury Ben gave up on his hobby. The challenge he faces is difficulty holding and controlling the remote control. Ben is now looking for a solution that will enable him to go back to doing what he loves despite his prosthetic right hand and the minimal movement of his left fingers.

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