Team Kobi- Preserving his Leg Movement

Team Kobi- Preserving his Leg Movement

Team Kobi

Kobi Lion is married with three children. He served in an undercover unit until it was disbanded in 1995, after which his team helped establish the elite “Egoz” unit. Kobi was severely wounded in Lebanon from a roadside bomb that also killed two of his friends.

Since his injury Kobi has traveled, studied, worked in technology, and began competitive handcycling. Kobi is the Israeli national champion for a few years running and has won silver medals in the London Olympics. Currently Kobi is a bicycle trainer, life coach, and lecturer about his life story and self fulfillment.

Challenge- Preserving his Leg Movement

As part of preserving his leg movement, Kobi is required to do many practices, something he is struggling to do with the existing equipment. He is looking for a device that will help him train properly and keep his legs in a good condition.