Team Yuval 2- Task Management Tool

Team Yuval 2- Task Management Tool

26 year old Yuval Appel was born and raised in Moshav Gimzo.

Yuval likes to travel in and ride his bicycle. Yuval enlisted in the Paratroopers brigade, went on to commanders course and to the senior sergeant’s course.

During his service, Yuval was severely wounded in a car ramming terror attack. He suffered a multi-systemic injury that included a severe head injury, fractures to the spine, limbs, ribs and jaw. Yuval was in a coma for a month, after which he underwent a long and complicated rehabilitation process for a year and a half.

Challenge #2: Task management tool

Since his injury, Yuval suffers from cognitive difficulties that make it extremely complicated for him to manage his time and daily tasks- especially long term. Yuval is looking for a solution that will help him organize his tasks and manage his time in an efficient and easy way.